Phenolic Modified Polyester Impregnating Varnish

Phenolic Modified Polyester Impregnating Varnish
Main Parameters: 

Model: YA1040

Insulation class: F class (155 °C)

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Composition of the Phenolic Modified Polyester Impregnating Varnish :

polyester resin, modified resin, xylene, butyl acetate, etc. 

Main advantages of the Phenolic Modified Polyester Impregnating Varnish :

F grade insulating material. Has excellent mechanical, heat resistance and electrical properties, long-term operating temperature of 155 °C.

Phenolic Modified Polyester Impregnating Varnish

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit Normal value
1 Appearance Uniform solvation, smooth surface after drying
2 Viscosity,by viscosimeter No.4,at (23±1) °C s 35±10
3 Solid content at 105±2 °C for2h % 46±2
4 Electric strength At room temperature MV/m >70
Flooding after 24 h   >60
(155±2) °C   >30
5 Volume resistivity At (23±2) °C Qcm >1x1O10
Flooding after 7 days   >1x106
6 Solvent Resistance No Change, tack-free, non-foaming, not sticky, at least passed 2 of these 5 solvents
(Benzol, acetone, Methanol, hexane,
carbon disulfide)
7 Thermal Class Centigrade r >155
Storage Period 23°C M 6
8 Recommended 80±5°C/2h, 125±5°C/2 〜4h, 150±10°C/6 〜8h
Curing Condition electric resistance reach the steady value


1.Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ? 

A: We are a manufacturer, We have more than 36 years experience in producing electrical insulation material.

2.Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 

A: Our factory is located in Xuchang,Henan provience.

3.Q: Which certification do you have?

A: The plant has passed the certificate of ISO 9001 quality system certification;
The products have passed ROHS test.

4.Q: Can i get a samples for free?

A: Of course we can sent you a sample  for free, customers just need to pay a litter shipping change.

5.Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-15 days if polyimide film price is  in stock, or it is 15-30 days.

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