Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve

Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve
Main Parameters:

Model: 2751

Insulation class: H class (180 °C)

Color: Red, yellow, white, black,etc

Inside diameter: 1-35mm


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Brief Introduction of 2751 Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve

Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve is non-alkali glass yarn braided tube coated with silicone rubber glue, and heated by electric vulcanization.
This product is made of non-alkali glass yarn braided tube, coated with silicone rubber glue, and heated by electric vulcanization.
It has certain dielectric properties, high heat resistance, excellent elasticity, cold resistance and aging resistance.
Features of the 2751 Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve
—High durometer rating, providing excellent abrasion resistance and rigidity.
—Resistant to ozone, corona, radiation, moisture, compression set, weathering, fungus, and chemical attack.
—Superior electrical properties
—Heat-set, cuts cleanly and will not fray
—Insulation class: H class (180 °C)
—Color: Red, yellow, white, black,etc
—Inside diameter: 1-35mm
 —It has been approved by UL (NO.: E310670) ,ROHS and REACH test.

Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve

Technical Parameters

Properties Unit Value
Appearance / The coating should be uniform and the surface should be smooth, with no defects affecting the product performance.
Inner diameter and wall thickness mm Inner diameter Wall thickness
Standard Tolerance
Two-way One-way(+) Min Max
1 0.2 0.4 0.2 0.6
1.5 0.2 0.4 0.2 0.6
2 0.2 0.4 0.2 0.7
2.5—3.0 0.2 0.4 0.2 0.7
4.0—6.0 0.25 0.5 0.3 0.7
8 0.25 0.5 0.3 1
10 0.5 1 0.4 1
12 0.5 1 0.4 1.2
16—20 1 2 0.4 1.2
25 1 2 0.4 1.4
Breakdown voltage Value KV           ≥ Pellet slot or straight core bar/100mm foil electrode Mid-value Minimum value Mid-value Minimum value
Under room temperature 5.7 4.3 3.3 2.5
Under high temperature 4.5 3.3 2.5 1.8
After hot and humid 4 3 2.1 1.5
Insulation resistance Under room temperature Ω ≥1.0×1011
After hot and humid ≥1.0×1010
Fire spreadability Burning time S ≤60
Visual inspection The indicator flag should not burn on any of the three specimens. Nor should the cotton be ignited by ignited or burning particles or by ignited drops.
Soldering heat resistance Pass (Only for sleeve with nominal inner diameter ≤ 5 mm)
Volatile content Low content level % ≤1.0 ≤0.7
Other level ≤1.5 ≤1.5
Bending after heating The coating has no visible cracks or peeling off, allowing the color to become darker (test temperature: 180±3℃)
Bending at low temperatures The coating has no visible cracks or peeling off (test temperature: ≤-70~5℃)
Hydrolysis resistance of paint layer There is no migration of the coating, no adhesion between the hose and the paper and the hose test piece, and no discoloration of the paper.
Shelf life 6 months


1.Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ? 

A: We are a manufacturer, We have more than 36 years experience in producing electrical insulation material.

2.Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 

A: Our factory is located in Xuchang,Henan provience.

3.Q: Which certification do you have?

A: The plant has passed the certificate of ISO 9001 quality system certification;
The products have passed ROHS test.

4.Q: Can i get a samples for free?

A: Of course we can sent you a sample of 2715 pvc insulation fiberglass sleeving for free, customers just need to pay a litter shipping change.

5.Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-15 days if polyimide film price is  in stock, or it is 15-30 days.

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