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166 polyester high temperature insulated enamel

  1 Insulating paper: The insulating paper described here refers to pure sulphate wood pulp paper, and other insulating papers include synthetic fiber paper (such as NOMEX paper), nitrile insulating paper (such as Dennison paper) and so on.

  2 Insulated crepe paper: made of electrical insulation paper by creping. Wrinkles in the transverse direction, wrinkles are pulled when stretched. Due to the different wrinkle processing procedures, wrinkled paper with different elongation can be made. Insulating paper thickness is generally 0.05mm ~ 0.12mm, elongation range of 5% to 200%. Insulated crepe paper is often used in oil-immersed transformers, such as windings.

166 F-grade polyester dry gray enamel paint

  3 Denisen paper: change the insulating paper has become nitrile paper, which in the manufacturing process, in the pulp by adding di-nitrile, vinyl cyanide and so on. Produced by the United States Dennison company, is characterized by the paper wrinkled, after calendering, with good mechanical cyanide and the appropriate elongation, is a large transformer winding turns of the ideal material, with it bandage transposition wire can guarantee Tight and will not appear bulging phenomenon.

  4 Nomex paper: is made by the United States DuPont heat-resistant synthetic fiber paper. Nomex is the trade name of this fibrous paper. Nomex's main ingredient is aromatic polyamide, with good thermal aging. Can be used at 220 ≧ for a long time, belonging to the C-class insulation material.

166 F-grade polyester dry gray enamel paint

1、Product composition and characteristics

The paint is mainly composed of polyester resin, coloring pigments, physical pigments and solvents. 166 polyester dry gray porcelain paint film smooth, insulated, resistant to chemical gases, resistant to mineral oil, have a good moisture resistance.



The paint film is smooth, insulated, resistant to chemical gases, resistant to mineral oil, with good moisture resistance. The paint is mainly applied to the motor stator and electrical coil surface covered with heat-resistant grade F-class


3、product advantages

1.Excellent insulation performance;
2.Good adhesion, high mechanical strength;
3.Shrinkage stress is small;
4.Heat resistance should meet the different requirements of the transformer;
5.For outdoor or special environment should meet their special requirements, such as radiation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, etc.;
6.Good process, such as good operability, non-toxic or low toxicity, short drying time。


4、Special Note

The company strictly in accordance with the relevant product standards to control product quality. Due to the diversity of application conditions and variability and many other factors, it does not rule out the need for user self-test research, the law does not guarantee that some of the performance of a particular product for a specific use, and retain the data to modify the power.


5、Technical Parameters

166 F-grade polyester dry gray enamel paint

  5 Adhesive tape: can be divided into single-sided adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape and Lingge three kinds of adhesive tape. Adhesive paper type with 0.07mm coiled paper coated with phenolic resin or epoxy resin after baking drying made.

  6 Metallized paper: used for screen and electrostatic screen. Its bottom paper is 0.2mm thick insulation paper, aluminum foil thickness of 0.02mm lead and insulation screen insulation bandage。

  7Insulated cardboard: made of paper by sulphate wood pulp. It is used for the cake gap of the gap, partitions, cardboard tube, corrugated paper, iron yoke insulation, clip insulation and insulation winding insulation board。

  8 Insulation tube: Transformer used in the insulation tube with phenolic adhesive paper tube, epoxy glass cloth tube, glass tube and cardboard tube.

  9 Corrugated board: In the high-voltage transformer multi-layer paper tube composed of oil plate gap structure, can be used instead of corrugated cardboard to form a gap. This insulation structure can save insulation on the basis of insulation properties。

  10Electrical laminate: made of paper, cloth and wood veneer substrate, dip coated with different adhesives, by hot pressing or rolling made of layered structure of the insulating material。

  11 Nomex Cardboard: A cardboard made of synthetic material based on aromatic amide fibers.

  12 Pole: dry-type transformer core column of the interstage bar, air gap stays, screws and screws are often used glass wire rod。

  13 Electrical thin and electrical composite materials: with excellent dielectric properties, all belong to the sheet insulation material. The electrical film has a polypropylene film, a polyester film and a polyimide film. The composite material is a composite product made of one or both sides of the film。

  14 Glass cloth: glass cloth is used for electrician non-alkali glass cloth impregnated with insulating paint, made by baking. For dry-type transformers。

  15 Insulation material for transformer banding: Insulation material for transformer banding is cotton belt, tightening belt, semi-dry thin wire belt, mesh semi-dry belt, glass cloth belt and polyester rope。

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