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  • 1、For the people to get rich

    Not to a few people living far higher than the masses of life for the pursuit, but to help more of the more poor people live a better day for the motive.
    Recruiting workers from poor rural areas, recruiting talent from poor laid-off workers, and implementing higher-wage standards.
    Actively support difficult rural areas, schools and other people with special difficulties.

  • 2、 people's war

    Educate the workers with the important theories of Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and Jiang Zemin's "Three Represents", and firmly believe in them and rely on them.
    To run a good business as a whole plant workers in the common cause, send the future of the enterprise in the ideological level of work, improve the ability to work and consciously active hard work.
    All important jobs, mainly from the front-line workers in the selection of outstanding elements to enrich.

  • 3、 rely on technology

    Think of science and technology as first productive forces.
    Continue to carry out scientific research, and timely research results into productive forces.
    Through the use of advanced science and technology to improve work efficiency, improve product quality, reduce production costs and improve working conditions.

  • 4、quality first

    Always put the quality of products to improve the management of the central location. To the community to provide high quality qualified products proud.Refused to produce inferior goods.

  • 5、Scientific management

    The maximum streamline management personnel, to take scientific management tools.

  • 6、heartfelt service

    Sincerely to provide users with the best service. As a motive, as a life, as a means of competition.

  • 7、The overall situation as the most important

    The enterprise is a grassroots cell of the great cause of socialism in the motherland, her consolidation and prosperity, relying on the political stability and economic development of the whole country. Therefore, the enterprises actively pay taxes and turned over to various national taxes and fees.

  • 8、Upright

    Dignified production and management, do not deceive any of the enterprises and the occurrence of the units and individuals, while taking legal and moral means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  • 9、Based on long-term

    The enterprise continues to consolidate the existing business as the basis for its own development, to continue to develop as a means to consolidate the existing business. And resolutely avoid the risk of taking the risk of self-restraint or self-styled strategy.
    The enterprise into a socialist evergreen tree, the annual flowering results for the people to make a lasting contribution.

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