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Solvent insulation paint advantages and disadvantages

  Solvent insulation paint is a common use of a class of insulating paint, with a good permeability, long storage period, easy to use and so on, the specific use of many categories, drying insulating paint, high temperature insulating paint, 1032 insulating paint, 402 from the dry paint , Quick-drying paint as the main representative. Solvent impregnated paint is mainly used for impregnating motor, electrical coil winding and all kinds of fiber materials to hit the purpose of moisture, insulation. In addition there are solvent impregnation paint baking time and curing speed compared to solvent-free paint slower.

  First, there are advantages of solvent insulating paint:

  1. Easy to use (such as viscosity adjustable, simple process equipment);

  2. Stable storage;

  3. Less loss of lacquer in baking;

  4. The paint price is cheaper.

  Second, due to the presence of inert solvents in the composition, it also has some drawbacks:

  Such as unsafe (flammable and explosive), toxic, solvent volatile pollution of the environment, waste of resources and so on.

  Over the past 20 years, the solvent system (with low toxicity, high flash point solvent; water on behalf of the organic solvent), the development of solvent-free insulation paint and welding powder to be improved.

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