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Company Profile
Henan YAAN Electrical Insulation Material Plant Co., Ltd., a professional Electrical Insulation material manufacturer, founded in 1986.
    • Insulating paint—the basic principle of impregnating paint

      Solvent paint is composed of curable composition (film-forming material) and volatile components.

      The curable component (commonly known as lacquer base) in lacquer is composed of film-forming materials. It is these substances that play the role of filling, bonding, sealing and insulation in the insulation system after impregnation and curing. The early film-forming materials were dried vegetable oils, natural resins, and processed resins, which are now largely replaced by synthetic resins.

      The volatile components in varnishes are mainly solvents (including diluents). During the curing process of the paint liquid, it should be completely evaporated as much as possible, so as not to affect the performance of the cured paint film. In fact, the paint volatiles, in addition to the solvent, also include a small amount of volatile components (low molecular weight) in the curable resin system.

      Dry vegetable oil is the earliest film-forming material used in insulating paints. It is still used in large quantities in the manufacture of oily impregnated paints and oil-modified resin paints.

      Vegetable oil is derived from plant seeds. It is not only the main raw material for the manufacture of modified alkyd resins, but also an important raw material for other oily paints.

      The important component of vegetable oil is fatty acid glycerol whole fat, or triglyceride. Most are mixed triglycerides of different fatty acids.

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