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Quality certification 6521 insulating paper for transformer


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6521 Polyester film insulation paper composite materials

Quality certification 6521 insulating paper for transformer

product description

1Product Introduction

6521 polyester film insulation paper insulation composite material is composed of 100% kraft wood pulp fiber insulation paper and 6020 high temperature electrical insulation polyester film film bonding composite made of two layers of electrical insulation composite material.

According to the choice of polyester film thickness, the product is divided into 6521-23,6521-36,6521-50, polyester film thicker, the higher the electrical strength.

2Product Features

6521 polyester film insulation paper composite material with high mechanical strength, good dielectric properties.

3Product Usage

6521 polyester film insulation paper insulation composite materials for motors, electrical equipment in the stator windings for slot insulation, liner insulation and turn to turn insulation. But also used in dry-type transformer coil insulation layer, the end of closure insulation, gasket insulation.

4Related certification

In line with the EU RoHs standard testing test 2002/95 / EC directive, is lead-free, non-nickel, cadmium-free green electrical products.

5Technical Parameters

Quality certification 6521 insulating paper for transformer

* 6521 Polyester insulation paper Insulating composite material should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room temperature (below 40 ° C). Transportation and storage time should pay attention to fire, moisture, pressure, sun. At room temperature under the conditions of storage for 12 months, more than the storage period by the technical requirements can still be used after passing the test.

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