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What is the density of NHN insulation paper?

NHN insulation paper is made of double-sided NOMEX aramid fiber paper and polyimide film bonded together. NHN insulation paper has good dielectric and mechanical properties, and the mechanical properties are outstanding at high temperatures and after being exposed to moisture. It is used for slot insulation, turn-to-turn insulation, gasket insulation of H-class motors and electrical appliances, and inter-layer insulation of H-class dry-type transformers.

Density is a measure of the mass in a specific volume. Density is equal to the mass of an object divided by the volume. Generally speaking, no matter what substance or state it is in, the volume or density will also change with temperature and pressure. 

The density of NHN insulation paper is measured according to the density calculation formula. The thickness of NHN insulation paper is different, and the density is also different. The larger the thickness of NHN insulation paper, the greater the relative density. 

In the process of choosing NHN insulation paper, the specific density of insulating paper to choose depends on the product requirements.

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