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China BOPET polyester film industry overview

  BOPET film is a two-way stretch polyester film, is a high degree of market acceptance of the film material. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good optical performance, good electrical insulation performance, wide use temperature and strong resistance to chemical corrosion. It is widely used by many industries in the downstream industry and is the most widely used film material in the application field. But also because of its excellent physical and chemical properties and environmental performance, known as the 21st century, one of the most promising new materials.

  BOPET polyester film downstream application industry is mainly packaging materials, electronic information, electrical insulation, card protection, film film, hot foil foil, solar energy applications, optical, aviation, construction, agriculture and other production areas. China's BOPET polyester film demand accounts for 33% of the total global demand. At present, the largest application area of ​​domestic polyester film is the packaging industry, such as food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and some special functional polyester film used in electronic components, electrical insulation and other high-end areas.

  Depending on the thickness of the film, the BOPET film exhibits different properties. Domestic BOPET film the largest demand in the field of packaging film is a thin film, the thickness of 6-25μm, the production process is relatively simple, low demand for equipment, is China's BOPET production capacity of the concentrated areas. 65μm or more polyester film is a thick film, is a special functional film, the production process is relatively complex.

  In 2010, the domestic polyester film industry into the production of fast lane, the total capacity from 2010 when less than 1 million tons, to 2016 polyester film total capacity has reached more than 280 million tons, the total close to 3 times, and Rapid expansion of the polyester film is mainly the largest application areas of the packaging industry in the ordinary film industry. With the full release of production capacity, polyester film benefits significantly decreased.

  BOPET thin film downstream applications continue to expand, product differentiation is the development trend of the industry, a variety of specific properties of functional film products such as optical film, window film and other added value was significantly higher than the ordinary packaging film, increasing demand.

  However, with the downstream customers on the product features and requirements of diversification, used in electronic products, electrical motors, packaging decoration, energy saving and environmental protection and other specific uses of special functional polyester film products, in the raw material processing, impurity removal, membrane material Thin and composite requirements are higher, the downstream market is more targeted, the technology is more difficult for enterprises. China BOPET enterprises subject to the technical and equipment to contain, can not achieve large-scale production, resulting in inadequate supply, need to rely on foreign imports, high-end functional film there is a certain supply gap.

  Polyester film industry, the highest technical barriers in the field - optical base film, optical base film mainly polyester chips as the main raw material, optical film is based on the optical base film processing completed. There are five main types of optical film, for the general prism, multi-functional prism film, micro-lens film, reflective polarized bright film, diffusion film. At present, the global optical base film is basically produced by large foreign companies, especially high-grade optical base film products of the international and domestic markets, almost by the Japanese, American, South Korean companies monopoly.

  With the rapid development of domestic flat panel display industry, optical film in the market demand is huge, but the current domestic optical film production capacity is minimal, dependent on imports. Which led to the existence of China's BOPET industry - ordinary film saturation, high-end film for the lack of product structure contradictions.

  At present, China's polyester film production capacity ranks first in the world, has become an important global production base of polyester film products. But the structural contradictions of polyester film products in China is more prominent, polyester film industry product structure transformation is increasingly serious. Compared with other plastic film, BOPET film cost-effective, with alternative advantages, is expected in the future BOPET film in the field of plastic packaging market share will be further expanded. With the development of domestic optical film in recent years and national policy on the optical film industry policy support, making BOPET high-end film has greater demand and market. High-end, functional, diversified future development direction of the BOPET industry. More and more enterprises have been aware of this, the product gradually transferred to the high value-added. BOPET high-end film of the future development of good momentum, is expected to become the industry's new profit growth point, is the future direction of new production capacity.

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