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transparent polyester film roll YA929 GHG With Free Sample


1ˇ˘Please contact us before ordering, specifications, shipping, shipping time, etc., do not free to shoot!

2, our company specializing in the production of insulating materials, through the certification of the indicators, most of the products are in stock, to meet the urgent need of goods buyers can be divided into blocks or diced.

3ˇ˘our all product prices are not included in the price

YA929GHG polyimide film electronic glass fiber cloth composite material

YA191 white electrical insulating polyester film

product description

1Product Introduction

GHG is coated with polyimide film adhesive, both sides of the bonding of alkali-free glass fiber cloth made of three soft composite materials. Product physical and mechanical properties, electrical properties, heat resistance, excellent flame retardant properties. High mechanical strength, product shrinkage is low, heat-resistant grade for the H-class, expansion coefficient and copper foil close to soft, not easy to tear, wide width, better meet the requirements.

2Product Features

Applicable to dry-type transformers High and low voltage coils for interlayer insulation, end insulation, F, H-class motors, generators and electrical appliances for high insulation, trench insulation, liner insulation.

3Special Note

1, GHG in the domestic Department of new materials, no national standard or line standard, the above data is my company in the measured data based on the summary, please refer to the user.

2, due to customer requirements of different raw materials ratio, this data will be different, the specific indicators of the Division I will be attached as a contract.

3, this table lists the common thickness indicators, our company according to customer requirements, production 0.09 ~ 0.35mm of various thickness GHG products.

5Technical Parameters


 transparent polyester film roll  YA929 GHG With Free Sample

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