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Statement of adjusting the product positioning and implement


 Dear Business Partners,

  The economical crisis what sweeping the whole world is the alarm bell to Chinese enterprises, we thinking the future development hardly like most of Chinese enterprise. Based on the economical general situation, according to the twenty-year experiences and lessons of YAAN, we had a wide discussion about where is the YAAN’s future. The conclusion is that, YAAN can break through bottleneckpupate into butterfly and develop continuously only though weeding out the mediocre products and homogenized product, adjusting the product positioning and implementing the brand strategy firmly, re-establishing brand image.

  Brand strategy is a complicated project, the core of carrying out brand strategy is quality strategy, the first requirement is strict quality control is setting up, keeping and developing the brand.

  Therefore, we set up the following company institution.

  Production center improves the quality control management fully of manufacturing technique, delivery, etc. Purchase department and QA department eradicate the defective goods completely. Marketing center eradicates the defective goods to be in distribution channel. Through departmental coordination to achieve the all-round upgrading of product quality.

  As an ancient said, “ Mega trend is more than wisdom, wisdom only can be used fully under mega trend.” Upgrade of Chinese industries is the mega trend, hope we can use our wisdom fully and work hard together for the industrial better future.


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