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FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate

FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate

1、Product composition and characteristics

Epoxy resin glass fiber cloth laminate is a chemically treated electrical alkali-free glass fiber cloth as the substrate, epoxy resin as a binder made by pressing the laminate, high temperature mechanical strength, high Wet electrical performance is good.



Applicable to mechanical, electrical and electronic fields.


3、Special Note

The company strictly in accordance with the relevant product standards to control product quality. Due to the diversity of application conditions and variability and many other factors, it does not rule out the need for user self-test study, the law does not guarantee that some of the performance of a specific purpose of full use, and retain the data to modify the power.


4、Technical Parameters

FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate

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