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Straight cut and beveling of oily lacquer

Electrical equipment is often used to paint cloth (silk) tape wrapped around the insulation, for 2210 oily silk lacquered silk, due to the smaller elastic, parallel to the direction of the shear line cut into the tape elongation is small, so only the use of chamfering method To increase the tape elongation, so that in the coil and other electronic components, close to the wrap, reducing the formation of wrinkles and air gap. When the bevel is subjected to a considerable pull in the warp direction, it is not reduced in electrical resistance. At the same time, along the 45 degrees to the oblique cut made of lacquer ribbon, the joints are more in the use of the process, overlapping the package, will increase the thickness.

And nylon spinning as the substrate of the 2310 oily lacquered silk, because of its high elasticity, bending along the radial direction, the electric breakdown performance is better, so 2310 oily lacquer taken along the parallel radial direction (straight cut) , Reducing the contact, thus avoiding the winding process caused by the increase in the thickness of silk overlap.

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