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Insulation paint and anti - corona insulating paint for sili

  Silicon steel insulation paint and corona insulating paint compared to the commonly used impregnated insulating paint in the use of more targeted in the use of methods also have high requirements:

  First, what is silicon steel insulation paint?

  The silicon steel sheet is used to coat the silicon steel sheet to reduce the eddy current loss of the core. Silicon steel lacquer coating after the need for high temperature drying. It is characterized by thin coating, strong adhesion, hard, smooth, uniform thickness, oil, moisture, electrical performance is good.

  Second, what is the anti-corona insulating paint?

  Corona discharge is in a very uneven electric field, field strength prominent (such as the electrode sharp) local space air ionization and produce a kind of discharge phenomenon of halo.

  Anti-corona insulating paint is generally made of insulating varnish and non-metallic conductor (carbon black, graphite, etc.) powder, mainly used for high-voltage coil for corona treatment, such as for large high-voltage motor in the higher voltage coil end The Industry requirements Corona insulation paint surface resistivity and stability, strong adhesion, good wear resistance, drying speed, storage resistance. Anti-corona insulating paint can be coated on the surface of the coil alone, can also be coated with asbestos tape, glass belt, and then wrapped in the coil outer layer, or coated on the glass cloth with the main insulation molding.

  When using this special purpose insulating paint, you need to communicate with the manufacturer's technology to ensure the correctness of the use.

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