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1032 Insulation paint operation points and construction requ

  1032 Insulation paint in the use of the following points need to grasp:

  First, 1032 Insulation paint operation points:

  1. The workpiece is immersed before the temperature is 50-60 ≧. Because the temperature is too high, then the paint tank insulation paint solvent volatile, deterioration. The temperature is too low, the fluidity of the paint is poor, the permeability is not good.

  2. paint did not work more than 20 cm (otherwise the paint is not enough pressure, can not penetrate into the workpiece).

  3. Dip time is about 15 minutes (depending on the size of the workpiece). If there is a secondary dipping process, the second dipping time is about 8 minutes (too long will damage the first dip Hong has formed the film).

  Second, 1032 Insulation paint construction requirements:

  Relatively speaking, 80 ≧ / 2h → 130 ± 5 ≧ / 8-12h (depending on the size of the workpiece), thermal resistance to reach the maximum. For non-high temperature electronic components, 1032 insulating paint can also be baked at 100 ≧ drying, the corresponding time to extend.

  1032 Insulating paint is a very common type of impregnated insulating paint, its own ability to adapt is also very strong, as long as the above requirements, there will be a good effect.

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