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The need for low temperature steps in the presence of solven

  There are solvent impregnated insulating paint in the baking process must be low temperature, such as 1032 insulating paint baking into low temperature and high temperature two steps. First need low temperature 60-80 ≧ bake 3 hours, in the temperature to 130-150 ≧ to continue curing.

  If the beginning of the high temperature baking, affecting the film baking effect and will produce security risks.

  First, the surface of the workpiece surface of the liquid quickly dry curing film, resulting in the inner layer of paint solvent is not volatile or even volatile out, thus affecting the overall drying curing speed and effect; or the inner solvent gas forced out, the surface film to form a honeycomb Shaped pores, the impact of insulating paint adhesion effect.

  Second, the rapid evaporation of solvents, can not be promptly excluded from the box, resulting in a sharp increase in solvent concentration in the oven, and air mixing to a certain percentage (explosion limit), in case of fire or high heat is exploded.

  Based on the above two points, the low-temperature baking step should not only be carefully operated in the process of solvent impregnation insulating paint baking, and must not be omitted.

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