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The difference and identification method of 2210 yellow wax

  2210 yellow wax silk full name for the "2210 silk oil oily silk cloth", 2310 lacquer full name for the "2310 nylon spinning oil lacquer cloth", from its name can see the main difference between the two for the substrate: 2210 base Material for the natural silk, 2310 for the nylon filament yarn. The elongation and shrinkage of the two are also different in performance:

  First, the elongation is different: 2210 elongation is 1%, 2310 elongation is 4%.

  Second, the shrinkage of different: 2210 shrinkage is low, at 105 ≧ when the use of deformation; 2310 high shrinkage, used in 105 ≧ will be deformed.

  Because the appearance of almost the same, how to distinguish which is 2210 yellow wax silk which is 2310 oily lacquer?

  The simplest is to use the fire test to determine: lit a cigarette lighter samples to see the results after burning:

  2210 silk yellow wax silk after burning no residue, and can smell the smell of hair burning;

  2310 Oily lacquer cloth shrinks together with small lumps.

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