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High temperature insulation paint is high temperature and hi

  Insulating paint is the use of non-conductive material will be charged or wrapped up to protect the electric shock from a security measure. Good insulation to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment and lines to prevent the occurrence of personal electric shock accident is the most basic and most reliable means.

  High temperature and high temperature insulation

  Insulating paint can be divided into three categories: gas insulation, liquid insulation and solid insulation. In practical applications, solid insulation is still the most widely used, and the most reliable of an insulating material. Henan Yaan high temperature insulating paint and insulation paint as a special function of paint, has a very prominent insulation resistance to electric shock, acid and alkali anti-corrosion performance, fullness bright, high hardness, good decorative film performance, bright, excellent color performance , High temperature, does not affect the welding performance, curing time fast, room temperature curing, high adhesion, good mechanical properties.

  High temperature insulating paint for the dry paint, a good salt spray resistance, heat resistance, water resistance. Insulating paint is a kind of functional paint field, its insulation, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and high hardness, good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance, medium thermal expansion coefficient and other excellent performance.

  Waterproof and anti-corrosion and insulation effect, Zhisheng Weihua company's ZS-1091 high temperature ceramic insulation coating temperature 600 ≧ is Zhisheng Weihua company after years of research and development results, the paint using inorganic organic grafting technology, solution molecular modification chelating treatment, comprehensive Play the advantages of inorganic and organic materials, temperature can reach 600 ≧, good adhesion, can be painted in any material on the high temperature insulation shielding current through, anti-corona put point phenomenon.

  Brushing in the high temperature and high pressure equipment, ZS-1091 high temperature ceramic insulation paint temperature of 600 ≧ can be coated on the surface of the object to form a layer with a high volume resistivity, can withstand a strong electric field without breakdown of the ceramic coating Floor. The coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, resistance to aging, water resistance, chemical resistance, high thermal conductivity coating, easy to release heat, but also has resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock performance, the coating can be In the corresponding working temperature within the continuous work. ZS-1091 high temperature ceramic insulation paint using inorganic organic chelating grafting film solution, the construction is simple, the construction of a single coating, but according to the different anti-voltage current situation, a single coating brushing a certain thickness can Under the strong electric effect, the insulating material may be broken and lose its insulation performance. The insulation choice of the electrical circuit and equipment must match the voltage level, and it should be compatible with the use environment and operating conditions to ensure the safety of insulation.

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