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Insulation paint, so spit it out

  1.Climatic conditions

  When applying heavy anti-corrosion coatings, note the factors: steel plate surface condition, steel plate temperature and atmospheric environment during painting. Usually the coating work should be in the temperature above 5 ≧, relative humidity below 85% of the climatic conditions, and when the surface by the impact of rain or snow, you can not be painted. The temperature of the steel plate is measured by a thermometer, the relative humidity is measured with a hygrometer, and then the dew point is calculated. When the temperature of the steel plate is lower than 3 ° C above the dew point, it must be painted at 3 ° C above the dew point. In the temperature of 5 ≧ below the low temperature conditions, due to epoxy and epoxy asphalt antirust paint curing speed greatly slowed down, or even stop curing, and thus can not be built. But can be painted in a coating shop with a warming device. When the temperature is 30 ≧ above the harsh conditions of construction, the solvent volatilize quickly, in the absence of air spray, the paint inside the gun and the paint surface between the large amount of volatile and dry spray. In order to avoid dry spray, spray gun should be as close as possible to the surface, and as far as possible to the vertical spray, such as taking this measure is still dry spray, can be added with the appropriate amount of diluent with dilution to be resolved.

  2. Preparation before painting

  Before painting, please check all the varieties of paint, models, specifications are in line with the provisions of the construction technical conditions. Quality unqualified or deteriorated paint can not be used. Before painting, the basic composition and performance of the paint and the construction method should be understood, according to the construction requirements of the paint to select and determine the appropriate coating tool. As the proportion of various components in the paint is different, the general paint after storage of varying degrees of precipitation. Therefore, the paint must be stirred until it is completely uniform before painting. If you find patent leather or particles, you should use 80-120 mesh screen filter. All kinds of epoxy anti-rust paint, epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosive coatings and epoxy anti-corrosion finish, acrylic polyurethane topcoat and so are a two-two two-component coating. Before use must be mixed according to the provisions of the weight ratio, if the mixing ratio is wrong, will affect the drying performance and anti-rust performance. Epoxy and epoxy coal asphalt thick paste paint, acrylic polyurethane paint and other coatings are cross-linked curing type, A, B two parts after mixing for a period of time will gradually glue until it can not be used. Therefore, the use of the coating area should be calculated after the use of mixing, and spent within the specified time. For different varieties of paint, such as viscosity is too large, with the accompanying thinner to adjust to the best coating viscosity.

  3. Painting

  1) Brush

  Painted with paint brush, the brushing direction should be the first to the left and right aspects of the painting, paint brush dipped paint can not be too much to prevent dripping. Painting heavy anti-corrosion coating, paint brush distance can not pull too much to avoid thin film. In case of rough surface, the edge of the corner and convex and other parts should pay special attention to the best pre-coated with a.

  2) roller coating

  When painted with a roller, the paint on the drum should be evenly distributed. Painting speed to keep a certain, not too fast. Avoid excessive pressure roller. For the weld, cut and other concave part, especially careful handling, it is best to pre-coated with a.

  3) high pressure airless spray

  This is the fastest coating method, and can get a very thick paint. Therefore, in order to achieve the provisions of the film thickness, it is best to use airless spray construction methods. In the actual coating should be used to the top and bottom to the left or right, or first to the left and right rear vertical and horizontal spray method. The use of airless spray requires a higher skill, the gun and the coated surface should be maintained at a horizontal distance, the operation to prevent the gun for high distance or arc waving.

  4) film thickness control

  In order to make the heavy anti-corrosion coating to play its best performance, enough film thickness is extremely important. Therefore, the thickness of the film must be strictly controlled. The thickness of each film obtained by painting with a paint brush or roller is at least twice as high as that of a high-pressure airless sprayed coating to achieve the specified thickness. For the edge, angle, weld, cut and other parts, before spraying, should first brush a brush, and then a large area of ​​the coating to ensure that the protruding parts of the film thickness. Construction should be used according to the amount of coating, often using wet film thickness measurement of wet film thickness. If the thickness of the film does not meet the requirements, it must be filled.

  5) Painting interval

  Different types of coatings have different coating intervals, and construction should be carried out according to the requirements of each coating. In particular, it should be noted that: epoxy coal asphalt thick slurry type anti-rust primer, epoxy coal tar pitch heavy anti-corrosion coating, epoxy paint coating is best in the paint only refers to the dry, the next one to the next paint a breath So that the upper and lower layers are slightly miscible and do not cause problems of interlayer adhesion. After full cure, if re-painted, then use sandpaper to play the hair.

  6) The amount of usage is usually used in the description of the use of the theoretical value, is under the ideal conditions, in the uniformity of the film thickness, calculated by the theoretical basis of the amount of paint per unit area. The actual consumption of paint when painting the paint film depends on the thickness of the coating loss, the coating method, the rough surface of the coating surface, etc., depending on the circumstances, the relevant great. In estimating the actual consumption of the paint, it is generally necessary to calculate the amount of paint used for 50-8% within the theoretical amount.

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