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High Temperature Insulation Paint High Performance Shield Cu

High temperature insulating paint for the dry paint, a good salt spray resistance, heat resistance, water resistance. Insulating paint is a kind of functional paint field, its insulation, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and high hardness, good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance, medium thermal expansion coefficient and other excellent performance. ZS high temperature insulating paint has a very strong anti-acid and alkali corrosion resistance, fullness bright, high hardness, good decorative film performance, bright, excellent color performance, high temperature, does not affect the welding performance, curing time, High adhesion, good mechanical properties.

After years of research and development, thousands of times the high temperature insulation test, high temperature insulation paint temperature can reach 1800 , using Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, water-based inorganic high temperature paint, water-based environmental protection, without any volatiles produced. The coating is made of high resistance inorganic crystal material, such as α-alumina, silicon nitride, high-grade mica sheet as the filler composition, coating dense, high hardness. In the production process to strictly control the ratio of raw materials to avoid spurious ions, especially alkali or alkaline earth metal ions introduced; to minimize the glass phase content, and to minimize the process to improve the performance of the glass phase of the conductivity. In the production process, but also pay attention to strict control of the introduction of iron, cobalt and other variable metal ions, so as to avoid free ions and holes. At the same time strictly control the temperature and atmosphere in the production process, so as to avoid redox reaction and the emergence of electrons and holes, to prevent the occurrence of lattice conversion caused by crystal defects. Zhisheng high temperature insulating paint can brush a variety of inorganic materials, room temperature curing, curing time in 24 hours or more. High temperature insulation paint high volume resistivity, room temperature greater than 1016Ωm. High dielectric strength (breakdown strength), greater than 104KV / m. Zhisheng Weihua high temperature insulating paint good chemical stability, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance. No flash point, burning point, high hardness, hardness greater than 7H. Heat 1800 , can work for a long time below 1800 . High temperature insulation paint without any volatile, room temperature, high temperature without any smell.

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