• Carry out fire safety drills to prevent accidents

      In order to do a good job in the daily fire safety work of Ya'an insulation, and improve the fire safety awareness and self rescue ability of all staff. Yaan insulation shall carry out special training on fire safety.


      After the training, a fire drill was conducted,

      During the drill, firefighters explained fire safety knowledge, fire prevention, use of fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting knowledge to the staff, and demonstrated the standardized operation process of fire extinguishers. After listening to the explanation, the participants carried out practical operation exercises one after another to further consolidate the relevant knowledge of fire fighting.

      The fire safety emergency drill and training has enhanced the fire safety awareness of the staff, deepened the understanding of safety knowledge and practical skills for the correct use of fire equipment, and effectively improved the ability to deal with sudden fire accidents and self-protection and self rescue.

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