• Lesson Nine: Summarize of different kinds of motors

    Summarize  of  different  kinds  of  motors

    • The this Chapter by Will the Summarize at The Different Motors. One of at The Reasons IS that the each Motor of the type Produces A Different AMOUNT of Torque compared to the ITS size.
    • An Example with Every Motor of the type that are All at The Same, sizes. Now at The Synchronous Permanent MagNet Motor Would BE of Able To produce the most torque and the synchronous reluctance motor would produce 2nd most torque and the induction motor would produce the Minimum amount of torque Motor efficiency also falls in the same order.
    • So the permanent magnet and reluctance motor would be more efficient than the  Synchronous Motor at The reluctance All Over IS MOST Probably at The Environmental Friendly All of Them AS IT CAN BE Made with Very High Efficiency and does not contain the any Magnets. Magnets at The Productions of Themselves are not SO Environmentally Friendly.
    At The Best Thing the About at The Induction Motor Is that it can be started direct on line without a variable speed drive that makes operation very easy. For a short overview of different motors, check Appendix

    Final  product

    • After having and and through through the text, I simplified the text so a non-engineer would understand it and made a comprehensive PowerPoint with all the information. Pictures taken from the internet and books were added to help explain concepts that were hard to I Have made some simple animations with the tools that were available in PowerPoint.
    • The pictures I choose for the PowerPoint were just suggestions of what would be in the final release of the PowerPoint that would be uploaded to the company's intranet, Since the company has to use their own official pictures instead of those that I had taken from the internet And various books.


    I had the theory knowledge while my supervisor had the pedagogical experience so that was a nice teamwork combination when working on simplifying the text that was added to the PowerPoint. The most problematic problem was attempt to explain a hard concept in an easy way such as how The rotor can rotate with the help of electricity, the argument was that I have to come up with a simpler explanation, my counterargument was that there was No way to make it anymore simpler

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