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What are the main factors affecting the performance of NHN i

NHN insulation paper is composed of a polyimide film in the middle and Nomex paper (DuPont paper) on both sides. It is a soft composite insulation material with heat resistance class H (180°C) and has good mechanical properties. The role of NHN insulating paper material is determined by its performance. If its performance is affected by certain factors, its role will not be fully displayed. What are the main factors affecting the performance of NHN insulating paper?

1. Combustion resistance
Refers to the ability of NHN insulating paper to resist burning when it comes in contact with flame or prevent continued burning when leaving the flame. With the ever-expanding application of insulating materials, the requirements for their combustion resistance become more important. People use various methods to improve and enhance the combustion resistance of insulating materials. The higher the combustion resistance, the better the safety.

2. Tensile strength
It is the maximum tensile stress that the sample bears in the tensile test. It is the most widely used and representative test for NHN insulating paper mechanical properties test.

3. Arc resistance
Under the specified test conditions, NHN insulation paper can withstand the arc action along its surface. During the test, AC high voltage and small current are used to judge the arc resistance of NHN insulation paper by the time required for the formation of a conductive layer on the surface of the NHN insulation paper by the arc action generated by the high voltage between the two electrodes. The larger the time value, the better the arc resistance.

4. Sealing degree
It is better to seal and isolate oil and water quality.
Tensile strength and edge tear resistance and good electrical strength. Its surface is smooth, and it can ensure trouble-free NHN when producing low-voltage motors using automatic offline machines. NHN is mainly used for insulation between slots, slot covers and phases of motors with high heat resistance. In addition, it can also be used as insulation between transformers or other electrical appliances. 

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